with MaryJoanna Grisso

"Lokah Samastah Sukino Bhavantu." 
May all beings be happy and free, and may the actions of my life contribute
in some way to that happiness and freedom for all.
-Sanskrit mantra




I am deeply grateful to share my experiences of this practice with you. I have come to learn about these incredible eastern practices here in the United States. As a western trained teacher, I am committed to honoring, respecting, and upholding the cultural roots of yoga as best I can. It is my belief that there are many different ways to experience this ancient, sacred healing system that has originated in India thousands of years ago. I am grateful to share some aspects of this mountain that is yoga with you, by way of my own practice and study. 

Though study of the 8 Limbed Path of Yoga laid out by Patanjali, we learn that yoga is much more than the physical Asanas/poses. It goes beyond where you put your limbs. Yoga is the practice of getting to know your body, your breath, your Self - through a pathway of compassion. The more we connect with this knowing of ourSelves, the more we can love ourselves, inquire about ourselves, and grow ourselves. In this awakened knowing, we begin to take these qualities outside of ourSelves to Others. Yoga is a pathway to learning the ways we can nourish our relationships, communities, and all living beings on this earth. 

Let us journey together to know ourselves, to feel the breath, to strengthen the muscles, to stretch the body and the mind, to feel our deepest potential of strength and letting go, to uplift and support our world, to find balance. May we approach our practice through the physical body, meditation, self-reflection, community, and committed study and reverence for this gift that is yoga. 

With breath,




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Photo credits: Massaaki Komori


"I truly enjoy practicing with MaryJoanna. The way she personalizes our sessions means so much to me. She greets us all by name, encourages us to wave to each other, smiles throughout the session. It's as close as we can get to being in the same room, and all that special attention helps me keep going."

- Lorraine S. (NYC)